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Times are challenging, especially in this market of increasingly complex real estate transactions. Now more than ever, you need reliable information and advice developed from hours of thorough research and expert analysis. With Urban Realty Solutions advisory services, the decisions you make will be backed by over thirty years of real estate experience and a comprehensive understanding of the market.  You need Urban Realty Solutions.

URS provides valuation and consulting services to developers, institutions, lenders and attorneys throughout the Southeast United States.  We provide honest, detailed and accurate assessments of real estate conditions.  Our signature guarantees that the final recommendation or value estimate is based on our best interpretation of the market.

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  • Commercial Appraisal
  • Consulting
  • Litigation and Expert Witness
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Brokerage and Buyer’s Representation
  • Market Studies
  • FEMA & Replacement Cost Appraisals

In appraisals, valuation is the process of estimating the value of all or a portion of the bundle of rights attributed to real property.  The scope of work determines this process, creating the "to-do" list and establishing the steps that are necessary to develop a credible opinion.  Once this opinion is developed, the method of reporting may range from a personal meeting to a comprehensive, all-inclusive narrative report.

Urban Realty Solutions offers valuation services for virtually all commercial property categories.  Visit our Property Types page for a comprehensive list.

Assignments usually begin with an analysis of the property that includes evaluation of the physical characteristics, governmental services and regulations, economic forces and market positioning.  All possible uses of the site are considered and narrowed down to the most logical use or uses.  Any improvements on the site are carefully inspected and analyzed by the cost, sales comparison and income capitalization approaches to value, all in the context of highest and best use.

As developers know, a successful real estate project typically begins with a use in search of a site, or a site in search of a use.  Either way, Urban Realty Solutions can help.  Our consulting services can guide you through each process from conception through construction and beyond.  We can act as the owner’s representative to help coordinate land planning, building design, and construction.  We have been there.

Whether you’re defending your stance or making your case, utilizing the expert testimony of qualified real estate appraisers is integral to the success of any trip to court. Urban Realty Solutions’ professionals have significant training and experience in providing expert testimony and witness services that have effectively assisted many of our clients.

We have provided appraisals and testimony related to eminent domain, inverse condemnation, construction defects, title insurance deficiencies and other issues.   We know all facets of real estate, and get right to the issue.

Whether you're responding to the financial requirements of an institution or monitoring performance for yourself ensuring you are buying or selling at a fair price, it makes good business sense to know the worth of your property.  Frequent portfolio valuations allow you to quickly respond to changing market conditions, especially during these times of economic and market uncertainty.

Knowing what a commercial property is worth at any given time requires in-depth knowledge of local markets, supported by experience, top notch research and careful analysis - areas in which Urban Realty Solutions excels.

We have years of experience working with buyers and sellers to execute sales.  Our in-depth understanding and experience allows us to better analyze aspects of a sale or purchase, ensuring you have the best guidance.  Our insight helps identify opportunities and negotiate the best possible deal, and our knowledge of construction and management means we will help you prepare to take over the most complicated properties.  We've executed sales upward of $100 million, helping ensure all due diligence materials are prepared and all inspections are conducted on time.

We have surveyed hundreds of marinas across the Southeastern United States and Caribbean, plus apartments, hotels and more.  This data can help you gauge the state of the market and plan accordingly.

Simply put, FEMA 50% rule appraisals are based on the physically depreciated replacement cost of building improvements. Once that's calculated, you can spend up to 50% of that cost in renovations.

We provide these FEMA and replacement cost appraisals.

As described by the Appraisal Institute in the publication The 50% FEMA Rule Appraisal authored by Patricia Staebler, SBA, "Appraisers may have valuation assignments related to properties along coastlines and in flood zones. These assignments come with many special considerations. Appraisers conducting “50% FEMA Rule” appraisals of properties in flood-prone areas must be well acquainted with numerous and varying rules and regulations set forth by the Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Appraisers need an understanding of construction techniques and materials
as well as the appropriate valuation methods and the components that should and should not be incorporated in
the appraisal. This article discusses the unique aspects of a 50% FEMA Rule appraisal related to a determination of
whether substantial improvements or damages equal or exceed 50% of a structure’s value." The full peer-reviewed article is available by following this link.